NOUVEAUX APPELS: LOUD2019MODERNE MUSIK SUNDAYS et LA TRIPARTITE RELEASE EDITION SYNTHÔMAS TREMPLIN DOUR FESTIVAL 2019: Aeme, C is for Noir, Eveee et Jakomo défendront leurs couleurs le 20 juin au KulturA FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE ANDERLECHT: Sïan Able, Indigo Mango et LABAL Collectif joueront le 22 juin


Crescent Sky was founded in 2012 as Tijuana in Red, a traditional metalcore band but the music soon evolved into something more melodic and progressive, inspired by Architects, Polyphia or Periphery while keeping an atmospheric vibe reminding of post-rock bands like Sleepmakeswaves. The band took its current name in 2016 and started working on a first record.

The debut EP “DAWN”, is entirely instrumental and was released in April 2018 after a few months of homemade recording and mixing. It is themed around the birth of a new day up until its end. A second EP, with vocals this time, is in the works with a new single set to be released in Spring 2019.