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  • Metalcore / Djent / Ambiant / Progressive / Dark Wave
  • Bruxelles (1000 - BE)
  • 2013
  • Contacter l'artiste
Our Biography Born in the odd district of Brussels end of 2013, Concealed Reality managed to create their own style with their own codes. In 4 years, they have evolved more than any other band in the area, played more than 60 shows all around the country, released 3 singles different by their vibes but always with the same energy. In Fall 2016, they finally came in studio to record their first complete EP with a solid new line-up : stronger, faster, louder and darker. It's In 2015, that the Five Gang is born. A solid fan base who follows them everywhere they can, from the deepest vault to bigger stages like the famous VK in Brussels. Friends and family are definitely part of the Concealed Reality world. Year 2016 was such a new turn for the band : a new line-up announced, a new booking partner with Hurricane Bookings, a new EP and a first headliner European tour from France to Austria. More motivated than ever, they are ready to spread the word about their music in the entire world ! The band also released their first video clip 'Oblivion' who reached around 11000 views, and made their first step in the UK with a show in Bolton (and took the 666 UK Highway) It’s impossible to mention all the big bands they have already shared the stage with, but we can note Born Of Osiris and Veil Of Maya twice, Chelsea Grin, After The Burial, For Today, Betraying The Martyrs, Volumes, Black Tongue, Monuments, Loathe and many more. As we just found our last members we need to update our ride tech asap. Thank You